When planning your next remodel project be sure to prepare and learn about what to expect throughout the process. Learn more about what to know before starting a NYC remodeling journey:

Hiring a Contractor for your Brooklyn Remodeling Project

When choosing a Contractor to perform your project it is important to feel confident you are hiring the right candidate for the job. Ask around the people you know for their experiences and if they have any contractors they can recommend. Hearing a good reference from someone you trust, exceeds any other source. When browsing the web, read their reviews and look for important factors such as what other people experienced in terms of communication or quality work. It is important to communicate well with contractors what exactly you want done and what quality level you are expecting, after which, you can review their itemized proposal and be sure it includes everything, and nothing was excluded, which will then become a change order unexpectedly later down the line. And of course, always make sure they are licensed and insured as required by law.

Downtown Brooklyn is a growing hub for education and one of the largest central business districts in New York City located in the northwestern section of Brooklyn, bordered by Brooklyn Heights, Dumbo, and Clinton Hill.

Known for its upscale high-rise apartment buildings amid landmark buildings, Downtown Brooklyn is a bustling waterfront area with discount shops, cafes, and university campuses in the northwestern section of Brooklyn.

When looking to remodel your apartment in Downtown Brooklyn, choosing the right licensed NYC remodeling contractor is extremely important for the project’s success.

Determine if an Architect is needed for your Brooklyn remodeling project

A reliable General Contractor will be able to determine if an architect is needed for your project, after reviewing the project’s work scope. If an architect is needed, it’s crucial to hire a qualified firm with an abundance of experience and superb customer service to ensure you will be satisfied throughout your remodeling journey.

From our previous experiences, we have seen that clients who choose reputable and experienced architect firms, have an overall smoother, faster, and more enjoyable project experience, whereas, when the architect isn’t prioritizing the project or has insufficient communication, the project can become dragged out and more of a stressful experience. We can help our clients source out the right architect to ensure satisfaction and avoid unnecessary delays and changes throughout the job from improper communication or failed design.

Williamsburg is an eclectic, waterfront neighborhood in Brooklyn that draws the young and fashionable to its chic boutiques, trendy cafes, and buzzing restaurants located in North Brooklyn, bordered by Greenpoint, Bedford-Stuyvesant, and Bushwick.​

Known for its hip vibe, and thriving arts and music scene, Williamsburg, a warehouse-filled, once industrial area, has been recently developed with a condo boom.

When it comes to your remodel project in Williamsburg, choosing the right licensed NYC renovation contractor is crucial for the project’s success.

Staying on budget for your Brooklyn Remodeling Project

When it comes to a remodeling project, budget, quality work, and proper communication is extremely important to ensure success. A remodeling contractor needs to get to know your project well to be able to provide you with a fair and accurate estimate and to include the quality you are expecting. It is important to include a remodeling contractor at the early stages of planning your project, so they can really get to know what you are looking for. Someone who simply walks into your home and gives you an estimate without previous communication will likely not give you an accurate estimate resulting in the final price being different than you anticipated. We have found that when clients start the process from the very beginning with both an architect and a general contractor, it is far more likely to be able build the design and stay within budget throughout the course of the project.

Park Slope is a down-to-earth, residential neighborhood in Brooklyn with tree-lined streets and historic brownstones, considered to be one of New York City’s most desirable neighborhoods, located in Northwest Brooklyn.

Known for its open-minded community, historic buildings, top-rated restaurants, as well as proximity to Prospect Park, Park Slope caters to a diverse population.

When looking for a contractor for your Brownstone renovation project, your efforts to choosing the right licensed NYC remodeling contractor is critical for your project’s success.

So if you are dreaming to update an outdated kitchen or bathroom or complete remodel project in your Brooklyn home, brownstone, condo, co-op, apartment, or loft, get in touch with our team to help turn your dreams into reality.

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