Need to repair a faulty set of live wires or lay out electrical connections and ports in your newly constructed home?

Our team has all the facilities you’ll need, ranging from licensed technicians to wiring accessories for electrical connections in your home or office. Electrical wiring is neatly integrated into walls and plastic casings to protect them from external factors. Exposed electrical wires are hazardous, and so is the installation of these wires. That is why DCON Renovations & Remodeling offers electrical services for all your wiring needs.

We offer electrical services such as installation of wires and ports, setting up of electrical meters, and installation of home inverters to name a few. We use industry-standard color coded wires – black/red, blue, brown/orange and yellow for live wires, white/gray for neutral wires and green for equipment grounding wire. Wires having two different color codes are coded according to the designated voltage they transmit- the first ones for lower voltages and the second ones for higher voltages. We use ISO-certified multilayered wires, which are properly insulated and best-quality electrical meters for our wiring works.

Our skilled electricians make sure to install all electric equipment with highest regard to the safety of the residents of the house. We also take care to install equipment grounding wires properly so that any excess electric current is rightly directed into the earth. You can also enlist the help of our technical advisors before installation of electrical components so that they can walk you through the process.

We strive for perfection in everything we do, and our electrical works are no exception.

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