Every spectacular home needs a spectacular entrance- this is because the people stepping on to the threshold should be able make an idea of what the inside will be like. The front door of your dwelling is where you wave goodbye to your little kids as they leave for school and kiss your spouse goodbye as he/she leaves for work. It is a significant part of your home, which, along with the other doors of your home needs to complement the overall theme of your home. With DCON Renovations, you can reinvent your entire home, beginning from the front door and ending at the garden or patio door.

For every home renovation undertaken, we think it is best to replace the old doors with new ones- this can have two benefits:

  1. Aesthetic benefit: New doors will better complement the new interiors for a 360 degree renovation. This is especially helpful when you wish for a complete overhaul of your previous home.
  2. Functional benefit: Old doors may become ineffective in serving their primary objective of keeping the interiors safe and sound. Replacement with new doors can reinstate the safety of your home.

You can experiment with the design and type of the doors to significantly affect the overall appearance of your renovated home. You can switch from your old opaque flush doors and replace them with glass ones to allow better circulation of light inside your home. All doors might not need replacement- our team of experts can give you practical and money-saving advice on replacing your old doors.

So, give us a call today, and consult with our team of experts to begin the transformation of your old home.