Kitchen Remodeling

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What Our Customers Say:
  • A positive remodeling experience! David and his team were great to work with - from offering design ideas to finishing the project in the promised time frame. My new bathroom is beautiful!

    - Michael S.
  • Excellent experience with DCON!! I was impressed by the quality of work and communication. I'm glad we hired DCON and any future jobs we will be sure to hire them again!!

    - Jessica H.
  • I recently hired DCON Renovations to completely gut out and redo my master bedroom and bathroom. They turned my outdated bedroom into a master suite. It turned out better than I could ever imagine. Very well recommended!!!

    - Jack R.

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Kitchen Remodeling for the Modern Day Homes in NYC

They say home is where the heart is and the heart of a home lies nowhere else but in the kitchen. It is where lingering memories are made.

 From the never-ending tantrums about what the kids would like to eat and what they did in school to your spouse’s occasional special requests for a particular cuisine; in modern homes, kitchens have become the point of focus of everyday activities and entertainment. They are also the area where one spends the maximum amount of time when at home. They inspire you to cook more delicious meals and show off your skills to impress your family and friends. Kitchens are also one of the most valuable portions of a house which can represent as much as 15% of the value of the house. It is thus essential to not just have your kitchen in tip-top condition, but to get it done by experts.

So you might be wondering what is so special about us? The answer to which is – Everything. We not only give a brand new look to your kitchen, we add a bit of spice to it. This is what makes our work so different. We offer a wide variety of options to suit your tastes. What you ask for, we deliver. Ah yes, you might be worried about the price. Well, all good things in life do come at a price but we believe that our prices should not act as a hindrance in realizing your dream of getting your kitchen renovated. That’s why we have a number of payment options available.

We look forward to offering you a brand new kitchen without any hassles or worries. So contact DCON Renovations today.