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When you search online for apartment renovation companies, you’ll find many companies that offer these services in New York City and the surrounding areas. While it’s nice to have options, it can also be overwhelming to choose the ideal contractor for your unique needs. Our professional team is here to help, giving you the perfect outcome by applying our years of experience to your apartment renovation vision. We provide a hands-on experience, giving you the highest level of support through every stage of this process.


The Secret: Achieving the Perfect Apartment Renovation

Not only do you need to find trusted apartment renovation contractors, but it’s just as important to know your dream and goals for this project. During the initial stages, communication is key: the goal is to convey your vision so the renovation team can put the details into place to create a renovated apartment you will love.

An experienced general contractor will take a proactive approach to set an achievable schedule for your apartment renovation in New York. There are many moving parts in a major renovation project, which is why it’s critical to lock down significant milestones. It’s an art to create a detailed schedule that allows for the flexibility needed. Ultimately, an experienced team helps everything go as smoothly as possible by ensuring quality communication and coordination every step of the way.

Choosing the right team is a critical decision that will ensure you have a positive experience every step of the way. You need a general contractor who listens to your needs and thinks one step ahead, and anticipates the ideal solutions to match your expectations. You deserve a reliable partner, so make sure your apartment renovation contractors are both responsive and supportive throughout this process.

The most important detail is to ensure that you have a reliable partner to trust every step of the way. You deserve to work with interior remodeling contractors who are responsive and caring, supporting all of your questions along the way.

When you are finalizing the details, it’s wise to consult with your general contractor throughout the design phase. Not only do you need quality materials that create the aesthetic appeal you desire, but you also consider durability as well. High-performance and eco-friendly materials are ideal for your apartment remodeling services.

You have a lot of details to finalize, which is why it’s helpful for your contractor to use a checklist or planning tool as part of this process. This approach makes it easy to finalize the critical details and communicate your selections with the installation teams.
You have seemingly unlimited options to choose from, which is why it can be helpful to follow our checklist or project planner tool. Our team works hard to simplify the process and make it easy when you are choosing materials for your home renovation projects.

Not only do you need to create a vision in the beginning, but it’s essential to hold onto this concept as you are facing the reality of construction in your home. Challenges are often part of this process, and your vision will help you get through the ups and downs of apartment renovation in NYC. You’ll watch your apartment get turned upside down, clearing the way to create the sanctuary you deserve.

Be prepared for the upcoming phases when your home is turned upside-down, holding onto the confidence that you will love the results when the chaos is over. Focusing on your vision helps you remember WHY you are putting in the time and effort for NYC home renovations

Years in Business Gives Us the Expertise You Need

We know the pressure you feel when choosing from various apartment renovation contractors in NYC. There’s a lot to think about, and it’s common for homeowners to select the cheapest company they can find. While it’s important to consider your budget, be realistic about the overall costs to ensure the quality results you want to create.

Just because you have a quote in hand for apartment remodeling services doesn’t necessarily mean that the price is locked into place. This initial estimate is a rough overview to help you see if the contractor lines up with your budget. But you need to make sure a field verification happens to improve the overall accuracy of the initial pricing. Make sure your apartment renovation contractor provides a detailed project proposal (including exclusions and inclusions), ensuring you are on the same page when the project is underway. Review all the details before signing the work agreement.

Finding a trustworthy team is the most crucial detail to ensure the quality of your renovation project. Does your general contractor have in-house crews, or are they relying on third-party contractors? Ask questions about the team you are working with. Although in-house crews are often preferred to minimize communication glitches and project delays, certain specialties often require services from third-party providers (such as electrical, plumbing, mechanical, etc.). Also, make sure your apartment renovation contractors are insured and licensed to perform these services.

It’s a nightmare to run into scheduling issues during the middle of apartment remodeling in New York. One delay can cause a domino effect that ripples through the rest of the schedule. Not only is it frustrating to deal with delays, but these issues often increase overall costs due to the money you are spending on monthly overhead and temporary living arrangements. The key to avoiding these types of scheduling delays is to make sure your general contractor has a dedicated project management team. This approach oversees the most important details for keeping a seamless schedule from start to finish.

The smallest installation details add up to the quality results that you deserve. Even if you don’t know what to look for in the finishing elements of your NYC apartment renovation, a professional contractor will ensure that everything is completed to the level of performance. It’s important to address the finishing touches that you can see, as well as details behind the scenes such as insulation and waterproofing. Your contractor should have a high standard to ensure results that will last for years.


Why DCON Is Your Preferred Contractor for Apartment Renovation in NYC

You deserve to work with apartment renovation contractors who treat your apartment as their own home. Welcome to the high level of service our team at DCON Renovations offers for every project! We are proactive about maintaining the highest standards to ensure quality results for your renovations.

Our team is local to the New York City area, with years of experience working in all different construction environments throughout the city. We know what it takes to ensure quality results for everything from modern framing in new buildings to thick lath walls in prewar buildings. We promise the highest quality installation services in every type of construction environment.

Not all apartment renovation contractors are equal. Since we were born and raised in New York, we understand the most critical construction nuances that outshine the big companies and tech giants. In addition to our highly-trained in-house crews, we’ve also formed partnerships with licensed electricians, plumbers, and other specialists that deliver the highest quality standards. Our project managers oversee the smallest details to ensure perfection for every project.

At DCON Renovations, we hold the highest standards for transparency and communications, ensuring top-level results for your apartment remodeling. Your satisfaction is always the highest priority. We work hard to be sure that our clients are happy with the results, and you can see this through the glowing reviews we have online. In addition to a solid track record, we continue paving a path of excellence to deliver results you can trust in the future.

We are proactive about staying current with the latest trends in renovations, construction, and materials. Talk to us about your options for apartment remodeling services that leverage the latest results from our vast network of local vendors. In addition, we have access to trendy design picks and new releases, giving you modern solutions and up-to-date features.

Your Opinion Matters to Us

Listen to a local NYC Apartment Homeowner sharing his experience with the remodel project in his apartment and how his vision was fulfilled.

This project was a complete kitchen gut, shower upgrade, and general floor repairs and painting.

“I felt like they prioritized doing things the right way, and prioritized my general satisfaction with the project…..My vision was certainly fulfilled” Homeowner

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Simplified, Reliable Results for Apartment Renovation in NYC

When you are getting ready for apartment remodeling in New York, you might feel the pressure of knowing and planning for every detail. Our professional team is here to simplify the process, offering streamlined services that prioritize quality and help you avoid confusion in the planning process.

Best Practices for Project Planning

You are ready to get started and create the apartment design that aligns with your dreams! We’re here to help you get started and follow through to successful completion. One way is to provide our design team with a few videos or photos that showcase the style you desire. Then, we’ll review your plans and prepare a personalized estimate for the work.

The field verification serves multiple purposes. First, we complete a walk-through so our team can gather information about the project details, site conditions, and measurements. Also, you have the opportunity to ask questions and share information about your goals, so we can ensure the outcome matches your preferences.

Next, you will receive a detailed proposal that outlines everything included in your personalized plan. Treat this proposal as the “manual” for the apartment remodeling services, with details that include everything from exclusions and inclusions to the payment schedule, scope of work, and project timeline. We encourage homeowners to actively participate in this stage of planning, giving you the chance to provide feedback so we can make amendments as needed.

Now it’s time to get started with project approval and required documentation. Additionally, your project manager works to create the schedules and milestones that line up all details to achieve the desired timeline for completion. Finally, when we have the green light for construction, our crews are ready to launch the project.

We need to make sure that all materials are on-site at the right time. Our team is proactive about coordinating with the designers during the ordering process. We stay ahead of the anticipated timeline to make sure everything is ready to match the ideal schedule. The purchasing process is smooth and seamless because of our relationships with local vendors.


Materials & Products

We never cut corners when sourcing the materials installed in your apartment renovation in New York. You dream up the details, and we will find the materials to match! Choose from any style that you prefer to create a personalized apartment design.

We can help with sourcing all of the products needed in your apartment renovation, including:

  • Lighting
  • Doors &
  • Glass &

  • Cupboards &
  • Luxury &
  • Counters &
  • Faucets &
  • Custom
  • Flooring &
  • And Much
    More …

Quality Installation and Detailed Finishes

You’ve chosen materials, and the apartment renovation plan is underway. So the next step is to begin the installation. We put in the preparatory work to stage the project, including protection for existing wall surfaces, flooring, and doorways that need to be covered.

We have a systemized process to move through each milestone at the right timing: demolition, framing, electrical, plumbing, waterproofing, flooring, paint, and more. This schedule aligns with the unique scope of work for your personalized project, with a project manager as a point of contact from start to finish.

Not only do we prioritize communication with everyone involved, but we use a detailed punch list to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. Your ultimate satisfaction is our priority.


You can have a team like this on your next project

At DCON Renovations we’re all about helping you remodel your New York City home or apartment with quality and professionalism. We do not compare ourselves to the competition but encourage you to accept nothing less than the best.


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Frequently Asked Questions: Apartment Remodeling in New York

It’s normal to have questions about the apartment remodeling process, which is why you need an experienced team of apartment renovation contractors to guide this process and answer your questions. Here’s a quick overview to help you find common questions about your apartment remodeling project:

As with many other aspects of life, getting started can feel like the most challenging part of an apartment renovation project. But don’t overthink the first few steps. The easiest way to begin is to book a no-obligation consultation with an experienced apartment renovation contractor. Then, you can talk to our team , and we will learn more about your preferences and offer insights, such as cost, timeline, design, and more, to help you create the ideal renovation plan for your home.


It’s always a good idea to choose a provider with many years of experience in the local industry. At DCON Renovations, we are proud to bring 15+ years of experience to your apartment renovation project. Since we’ve been around the block a few times, we know the best practices to ensure an optimal outcome in your home.

The timeline depends on the project scope of work and different factors that will affect demolition and construction. The schedule varies depending on the size of the project and the type of renovations being completed. We have a knowledgeable team that will put together an accurate timeline, including milestones along the way to reach the finished product. The usual turnaround time is typically between 3 weeks – 6 months.

Licensing and insurance show the contractor’s commitment to professionalism and quality. At DCON Renovations, we have all necessary licenses and certifications, required by Co-op/Condo Building Managements, as well as necessary insurance coverage. Not only do these requirements show the professionalism of the team you are hiring, but they also minimize your risk during the construction process.

The final price depends on a variety of factors, including the size of your apartment, the type of finish materials you select, and specific services that are required. We always provide a detailed proposal for your project so that the scope of work and pricing is fully transparent and agreed upon. Small to medium Apartment Renovations in NYC costs anywhere from $30,000 – $75,000+, and medium to large projects costs anywhere from $150,000 – $500,000+. Feel free to reach out to us anytime to help you get an accurate price and detailed proposal for your apartment remodel project.

As a general rule, if you are removing or adding any walls inside your apartment, at a minimum you will need a report from an Engineer, or, an architect to prepare drawings and sign-off your project, depending on your Building’s requirements. We have great experience working with architects and other professionals in renovation projects across NYC, and will help guide you each step of the way.

Some homeowners want to save money, so they research DIY apartment renovations. But there’s a lot of time and money you will be putting into the project, which is why it makes sense to invest in the best quality and reputable services available in NYC. Additionally, almost every Building in NYC has requirements for licensed and insured contractors, when doing any renovations in your NYC Apartment. Hiring a professional contractor is essential to ensure you have a positive outcome when the project is complete.

  1. It’s common to have a list of requirements that must be met when you are working with your building management. We’ll assist with reviewing the alteration agreement, and obtaining all necessary approvals and city-issued permits. These documents are always in hand before the demolition and construction crews show up on-site to begin the project.
  2. Scope of Work & Work Agreement – Once we get an idea what you are dreaming of in your kitchen, we will prepare a scope of work that details everything involved in making that kitchen a reality. This outlines the cost, timeframe, and exactly what is included to complete the job.
  3. Ordering the Materials – After the work agreement has been finalized, its time to order the materials needed to complete your kitchen remodel. We can help with this process to be on top of deliveries and keep things organized.
  4. Doing the Work – Once we have the materials we need, we can begin your kitchen remodel! Depending on the complexity of your kitchen remodel project, this can take anywhere from a few days up to 30 to 45 days.
  5. Cleanup and Final Touches – Once your remodel is complete, we will remove all of our tools and equipment and clean up the kitchen area, leaving you to enjoy the heart in your home!

Your Options for Full-Service Apartment Remodeling in New York

When you are hiring experienced apartment renovation companies like DCON Renovations, you have the opportunity to customize your plans based on your budget and preferences. So whether you are looking for a quick facelift, full demolition, or additions, we are here to help.

Finishing Touches: Adding Luxury Details in Your Apartment Renovation

Hiring DCON Renovations as your preferred apartment renovation contractor means that you will receive personalized services to turn your vision into reality. We take a proactive approach to help each homeowner select the best materials for a luxurious, beautiful design: