Bathroom Remodeling Brooklyn

Transform Your Bathroom into a Luxury & Relaxing Spot in Brooklyn, NY

Looking for a high-grade bathroom renovation contractor at an affordable price? We will provide everything that you need to get your bathroom remodel project done right. Every project is performed using our remodeling process that is proven to create great results. Here are several types of bathroom renovations we provide:

  • Cosmetic Remodel “Tear and Replace”
  • Floor Plan Remodel “The Redesign”
  • Adding a New Bathroom
Our Simplified Process

What is the expected Cost of a Bathroom Remodel in Brooklyn?

Determining the cost of a Bathroom Remodel can depend on personal priorities and pre-existing conditions. No Interior design style fits all.

However, based on our years of experience and numerous successful bathroom remodel projects in Brooklyn, we can say that the average complete bathroom remodel in Brooklyn, NY costs between $16,000 – $22,000 for labor and management. As far as finish materials, we break it down into 3 grades: Grade A – approx. $12,000+, Grade B – approx. $8,500+, and Grade C – approx $4,800+.

Of course, this can fluctuate based on the actual scope of work. We’re happy to hear about your individual needs and vision, but hopefully, this gives you a better idea of what kind of investment you’ll be looking at.

How Long Does it Take to Remodel Your Bathroom In Brooklyn?

Calculating just how long it takes to remodel a bathroom in Brooklyn from start to finish is much easier said than done. With so many different factors up in the air, it can be difficult to plan properly which can be extremely stressful especially if you’re working to meet a deadline. Luckily, we have a lot of experience and are more than happy to help you work through your dream project. Generally speaking, from the planning design phase to the first time you enjoy your new tub or shower, there’s an average of 15-25 construction days on average size bathrooms. Powder rooms usually take 5-10 construction days, depending on the work scope. While any successful bathroom remodel in Brooklyn takes time, the more proactive planning you do beforehand can greatly reduce your construction phase. Remember, you can always call us to ask precise questions regarding remodeling timelines.

What if I need help with bathroom remodeling ideas and inspiration?

We have a team of bathroom installation professionals ready to assist you with your bathroom remodel. We will provide inspiration and styles that are on trend to give you options and ideas that fit your needs and budget. You can download a beginner’s guide pdf here to help you get a list of items you will need to get started. Once you’ve completed this, we will help source the finish materials you desire for your bathroom remodel. This would save you costs of hiring a designer for your remodel project.

We can also provide 3D renderings so that you can get a realistic idea and vision of what your bathroom can look like after our team completes your bathroom remodel project. 3D Renderings help save time, as the bathroom installers have a visual guide to follow during the installation.

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Excellent experience with DCON!! My husband and I were looking to renovate our bathroom and kitchen, and to replace our floors that were really old. I needed to get permits and specific paperwork for my building requirements. The DCON team helped me through the whole process. My husband was very happy with the price and we started the job right away. I was impressed by the quality of work and communication. I’m glad we hired DCON and any future jobs we will be sure to hire them again!!

-Jessica H.