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“Bathroom Remodeling and Home Renovation Contractor in NYC”

You most likely have searched for “bathroom remodeling contractor near me” or something along that line. Luckily, there are a lot of options in New York City, sometimes, a lot of home remodeling options can also become challenging. We would love to help in even a small way. We have worked with many homeowners like yourself, and want to share what we can from our experiences. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about in the end – we should all be helping out each other and make our world a better place! You’ve found the perfect partner for Bathroom Remodeling in NYC.


The Secret to the Perfect Bathroom Renovation

Know your dream and outcome before seeking a trusted partner for your bathroom renovative work project. During your consultation be prepared to relay over this vision so that a plan can be put into place to make it happen with ease. Our team is ready to help you plan your bathroom remodeling project in nyc.

Work closely with your trusted home project contractor to set the schedule for your home renovation project, designating significant milestones along the way. Remodeling your home can be sophisticated with so many moving parts, as you probably already know, so a detailed yet flexible timeline creates a foundation around which you can effectively coordinate everything necessary to make things as smooth as possible.

Communication is key for an overall positive experience from start to finish of your home update project. Ensure your home contractor listens to your needs and anticipates your expectations. They should be as creative and flexible as they expect you and your family to be.

Most Important, they should be your reliable partner every step of the way, and be responsive to your concerns and answer all of your questions throughout.

Discuss project choices with your remodeling contractor, or Designer, if you elected to hire one. It’s important that the project materials not only deliver a pleasing appeal aesthetically, but also be durable and stand the test of time. You may also want to consider high-performance, eco-friendly materials for your renovation.

There is so much to choose from, so having it all organized with a project planner tool or checklist is a good way to manage successfully, making it easy to share and communicate your vision with your team.

Staying focused on the vision of your future home will help you overcome any challenges you and your family will face seeing it through. After all, your home is your sanctuary, the place where you go to get away from it all; a renovation turns it upside-down, at least until complete.

Another proven way to get to the finish line is by simply making the most of the disruption and chaos. Accept the inevitable, indulge in distractions outside the space, and take the pressure off.

After Years in the Business We Know Exactly What You Need

We understand that hiring the right team for your home bathroom remodeling project in your home, can be a stressful task. There is so much to consider when remodeling your home, and most of the time, clients are choosing their contractors based on costs. While we understand design project budget is an important factor, especially in NYC, it is imperative to understand realistic costs for the end results you are looking to achieve.

Getting a quote from a home remodeling contractor is not always a reliable cost reference for your project. A rough design estimate lets you get an idea if working with the contractor falls within your budget. However, a field verification is crucial for the home update contractor to determine if the initial pricing is accurate. Additionally, lets not forget the importance of a detailed renovation project proposal with inclusions and exclusions to ensure the contractor is on the same page as yourself. This is the part where we recommend finding a quiet moment to thoroughly review all the details, so you can get a clear and accurate picture of what is being delivered based on the proposal that was provided to you.

There are so many different home renovation contractors out there, and finding the home renovation contractors that are a good match for you, can be challenging. Most of the contractors out there, that do not have their own in-house crews are relying on 3rd parties to get through each phase of the project. This method usually results in delays and communication glitches at some point during the project. When choosing a team for your home update project, we recommend getting to know what type of design team you are actually going to be working with. You can always ask – who is actually performing the work on the field, if subcontractors or other 3rd parties are being hired? While in-house crews are desirable for the most part, it is crucial that for some of the project elements, such as, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, etc., a licensed and insured company is being hired to perform those parts of the project.

One of the most common nightmares in a remodeling project is when the project feels as its being dragged on endlessly without cause. These project delays are significant as they impact costs everywhere, such as, your temporary living arrangements, and monthly overhead expenses. There are so many moving parts in every project. It is super important that the home update contractor that you choose has a dedicated project management team working behind the scenes to ensure all the parts are put together seamlessly, so that the production timeline is moving along on schedule.

When it comes to a bathroom, we all can agree, we want to see the tiles laid out perfectly even and flush, like would be seen in a magazine. Most homeowners are not acquainted with all the elements that are not seen by the eye, such as , the waterproofing behind those beautiful tiles. Faulty waterproofing leads to a costly disaster. There are many of these such elements in your bathroom, and the home contractor you hire, must know the environment they are working in and have a high standard when it comes to installation so that you can rest assured for years to come.


Why you should renovate your bathroom with DCON

If you are seeking a bathroom remodeling team in nyc that will pay attention to your project as if its their own, you reached the right destination! Welcome aboard! The team at DCON is a family. We are here to handle your bathroom project as a cherished piece of art!

We are experienced in all different environments NYC has to offer. From pre-war buildings with thick lath walls to new buildings with modern framing, we understand what to expect and how to operate in each situation. We are proud to say that we do not offer any low standard installation.

Unlike the tech giants out there, or the company with the showroom, we found the sweet balance of born and raised in NYC. We have many in-house crews and partnerships with a Licensed Plumber, Electrician, and many other home renovation professionals to deliver your home update project to you at the highest standards. We take pride in the countless hours our in-house project managers dedicate to each individual project to ensure its perfection. We don’t settle for anything less than the best!

Our team at DCON Renovations maintains focus throughout each of our projects to deliver top-level communication and transparency. We stand by our values and only perform remodel projects with your utmost satisfaction in mind. We take pride in our client’s testimonials as they pave the path towards our continued future of performing at our best!

We are always keeping up with the current trends in design and materials to be able to provide them to you for your home bathroom remodel project. We are constantly receiving updates from our wide network of local vendors on new releases and most-popular home renovation design picks. We want you to have access to the most up-to-date and modernized update options if that’s what is desired. “Your wish becomes ours”

It’s your opinion that matters the most

Listen to a local NYC Apartment Homeowner sharing his work experience with the remodel project in his apartment and how his vision was fulfilled.

This project was a complete kitchen gut, shower upgrade, and general floor repairs and painting.

“I felt like they prioritized doing things the right way, and prioritized my general satisfaction with the project…..My vision was certainly fulfilled” Homeowner

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A Simplified Home Bathroom Remodeling Experience

You might be feeling like there is just so much to know and plan for, prior to your bathroom remodeling project. We are here to help simplify the process for you to enhance your experience by adding some clarity to the confusion. We also cover Brooklyn.

Planning Your Project

You are ready to get things rolling and believe in your dream bathroom! We are ready to help you take the first step. It is as simple as providing us with a few photos/video or plans of your current bathroom space, and we will get on to preparing your customized initial estimate.

This is a great opportunity to meet with a project manager in your home. During this walk-through, our renovations team will inspect the work area to ensure all the proper details, measurements, and site conditions were accounted for in the initial estimate, so that a detailed proposal can be created.

A detailed project proposal provides a clear picture of what is included in your project. Look at this as your project’s manual. A breakdown of the scope of work, project timeline, payment schedule, inclusions, exclusions, and any clarifications is the way all parties remain on the same page of what is expected from the very beginning. This is the opportunity to thoroughly review and provide feedback, so that we can make amendments if needed and ensure everything is accounted for as you wish.

Next, we will get any required documentation together as needed for home update project approval. Simultaneously, we will be creating your home update project’s milestones and schedules, so that everyone is ready to launch full throttle at the green light.

It is crucial to have all the materials ready on-site when you are! Our renovations team will work closely with you or your design team to verify all the quantities and elements that are needed for your bathroom remodeling project. We can also help you to secure all these items for you to help smooth the purchasing process. From NYC to Italy.

Materials & Products

We never sacrifice the materials that are installed in your home bathroom. If you can dream it, we can find it! You can choose any style that will create the perfect bathroom for your space.

Here are some of the products that we can help source for you from NYC to Italy :

  • Tiles &

  • Vanities &

  • Plumbing &

  • Custom

  • Lighting

  • Mirrors &

  • Luxury

  • And much


Now that your project plan is underway and the materials are chosen, the next step is to get started with the installation. We will start by staging your project and applying protection to doorways, wall surfaces, floors, and our staging area. Let the hammers begin….

We will work through the milestones: demolition, framing, plumbing, electrical, waterproofing, tiles, etc. according to your project’s work scope. You will have a dedicated home update project manager as a point of contact, available at all times, maintaining full communication at every step of the way. For a seamless home remodeling experience.

A final punch list will be utilized with all parties to ensure the project comes to the ultimate satisfied completion. We will finish with a wipe-down to all surfaces and remove all evidence of construction from your home. “Happily ever after”

You can have a team like this on your next project

At DCON Renovations we’re all about helping you remodel your New York City home or apartment with quality and professionalism. We do not compare ourselves to the competition but encourage you to accept nothing less than the best.


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Frequently asked questions

Read on to get answers on some general questions that may surface for you on your nyc bathroom remodeling journey. As always, we are just a phone call away to answer any questions that come up for you along the way.

Home update project turnaround time is affected by many factors, including the size of your bathroom, the type of renovations we are planning, site considerations, the scope of work, and your target timeline. The usual turnaround time is typically between 3 – 5 weeks.

The final price of a home update depends on a variety of factors, including the size of your bathroom, finish materials, and specific services that are required. We always provide a detailed proposal for your project so that the scope of work and pricing is fully transparent. Most full home bathroom renovations costs between $18,000 – $25,000.

Depending on the scope of work and the type of renovation project we are completing, it may or may not be necessary to obtain permits before our installation teams start working. We review each home project and inform you of what is required. We are fully prepared to ensure that we dot the i’s and cross the t’s, especially when working with building management groups for co-ops and condos. Our crew takes care of everything from city-issued permits to building approvals and more.

While a “guy in the van” approach might seem appealing if you are looking for a way to save money, you’ll be glad that you decided to invest in professional services for your bathroom remodel project with a company that has the right team and experience to get the full project done with ease. There are a lot of details that need to be addressed, even for small bathrooms. If you don’t have professional experience in the home update industry, hiring an expert home renovation contractor is always the best choice.

Don’t let yourself believe that getting started is the hardest part. When you are working with a local experienced home bathroom remodeling company, you have hands-on support through every stage of the planning and renovation process. All it takes is a phone call to schedule a no-obligation consultation when you want to move forward with your project. We will learn more about your preferences and offer insights to help you create the ideal renovation plan for your home.

You deserve to work with a team with years of experience in New York City remodeling projects. We are proud to have a team with over 15 years of combined experience working with homeowners in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and surrounding areas. Since we’ve been around the block a few times, our team has built local connections and understands the unique details that create an optimal outcome for every home update project.

Not all bathrooms are created equally

There are many different types of bathroom remodeling projects. Here are examples of remodel types that our team performs for homeowners in NYC, that you might be looking for in your home and some details about the different bathroom options.

How the elements you choose impact your bathroom remodeling design

Understand how the elements in your bathroom play a role in actualizing the picture you have in mind to becoming reality. Here are a few tips and some fan-favorite ideas.