There are some people for whom the bathroom is, well just a bathroom and there are some people for whom it is a place of relaxation. These are the people who utilize a bathroom to its fullest. For such people, a bathroom is not just another enclosed space, it is a different world right in their own homes. Bathrooms have not always been this way. Earlier they could only be afforded by the rich and the affluent. The commoners could only afford to keep a bathtub. Usage of other bathroom accessories came in much later.

Today a bathroom consists of more than just a bathtub. It has showers, toilets, bidets and enclosures. Even the bathtub has undergone considerable changes. What earlier used to be just a large container for keeping bath water, today comes with additional features such as Jacuzzis, lights, water temperature controller, water jet speed and direction controller, detachable headrest and even a radio, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth player with built-in speakers for playing your favorite music or radio station.

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