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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get a proposal after submitting the form?

Answer: Usually, a response from our team can be expected within 2 working days and a completed proposal in 4 to 6 days for Bathroom and Kitchen projects. Other types of projects, such as complete home/apartment remodeling can take longer depending on the size project.

Does DCON offer design services?

Answer: Yes, DCON offers design services as an additional service; which includes 3D Renderings and Construction drawings for installation.

Does DCON provide a service of securing/sourcing finish materials for the project on behalf of the Client?

Answer: Yes, DCON offers an additional service for securing, managing, and scheduling finish materials that the client chooses.

What does DCON include in the initial proposal?

Answer: We include in our proposal: Labor Costs, Construction Materials, and Project Supervision. If a client wants additional services such as Design and/or Securing finish materials, we can offer those additional services and include in the proposal when requested.

Does DCON perform a site visit/walkthrough?

Answer: Yes, one of our team members will schedule a walkthrough, once the proposal is sent out and reviewed by the Client, to make sure all the aspects of the project was taken into consideration on the proposal, prior to finalization and signing.