4 Phases to Create the Best Plan for Your Home Renovation

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4 Phases to Create the Best Plan for Your Home Renovation

Jumping into a home renovation project can be an overwhelming thought, and many New York homeowners are unsure about where they need to start. If you are thinking about improvements to your home, then you need to spend time creating the best plan for the project. Creating the plan is the foundational step to ensure that everything turns out in the way that you imagined.

Here are four phases to help with your upcoming renovations:

1. Make a List of Your Goals

Take time to list the priorities for the home renovations. Think through the way you want each room to look, as well as the features that will support your lifestyle. It is a good idea to write down these thoughts so that you don’t miss anything during the design process.

If you are having a hard time identifying your goals, then think about the homes that you have visited where you liked the floor plan. List the features of those properties that made them unique. Also, look at pictures online to get more inspiration.

2. Find a New York Renovation Contractor

Hiring a contractor will ensure that you don’t miss any of the important details of the renovation. Choose a contractor with a great reputation in the New York area. Selecting a local contractor will give you peace of mind so that you don’t have to worry about local construction laws or building permits. Your contractor will walk you through the steps that are necessary to complete the work.

In some cases, it makes sense to hire a contractor before putting together your list of goals. If you are indecisive about the type of renovations that you want, then a good contractor can ask questions and offer recommendations to help with your plan.

3. Identify Your Budget

Cost is a factor that will influence the types of renovations that you choose for your New York home. Some people have an unlimited budget, so they can create a dream home without worrying about the expenses. In other situations, it is wise to put together a budget that will match your financial goals.

Remember, the money that you are spending will be an investment for your property. When you sell in the future, you will benefit because of the added equity that is available from the renovations.

4. Finalize the Plans and Schedule the Work

Now that you have worked through the designs and you locked in the budget for the project, it is time to get to work! Your contractor will have you sign off on the finalized plans; then the next step is to order the materials that are needed.

Demolition can start while we are waiting for the materials to arrive. Then, we will be ready to complete the construction as quickly as possible. The goal is to minimize the time that it takes to complete the work, without cutting corners or sacrificing the quality of the construction.

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