What Kind of Paint Is Best For a Bathroom, According to the Experts

What Kind of Paint Is Best For a Bathroom, According to the Experts

The bathroom is one of the most important parts of your home. It’s where you go every day to shower, brush your teeth, store your toiletries or relax after a long day. As a result, homeowners often spend a lot of time and money on bathroom remodeling. But what kind of paint should you use? Many options may seem attractive, but not all paints are created equal. In this blog post, we will discuss the different paints and which ones are best for your bathroom.

What Is the Best Paint Finish for Bathrooms?

A bathroom is the one room in the house where water can be found on almost any surface. This makes it especially important to paint the walls with something that will resist moisture. Home remodeling experts have their own opinions about what type of paint would work best. They have weighed in on the question and come up with some interesting conclusions. For example, one expert says that latex-based paints are better than oil-based paints because they provide more shine and a smoother finish. Another expert thinks that sealant or primer should be applied to any new surface before painting it, preventing water damage over time. Which type of paint do you think is best? Keep reading to find out!

Different Kinds of Paint Finish for Bathroom

A big part of selecting the correct type of paint depends on understanding which types offer better protection from different types of moisture. Homeowners should consider what kind of paint they’re using to protect against water damage, mold, mildew, and other sources of humidity in addition to the ‘usual’ issues faced by homeowners such as abrasion or scuffing from foot traffic.

Enamel: This type of paint goes on thin but provides excellent coverage while also being waterproof and offers both interior and exterior benefits such as resistance from fading, chipping, peeling, etc. It’s best used if you plan on keeping your bathroom set looking pristine at all times without any water, stains, or wear and tear.

Acrylic: Home experts recommend this type of paint for bathrooms because it is durable, easy to clean, comes in a wide range of colors, and can be used inside or out while also providing excellent coverage over old layers without any problems. The only downside is that it needs to dry between coats which may take longer, but the overall finish will last much longer with little need for touchups.

It is recommended that you use an interior latex or acrylic paint, which dries quickly, has excellent adhesion properties, all while having some flexibility in color, so if one shade doesn’t work out, they typically come in colors like beige or taupe. Acrylics will dry quicker than latex paints but may not last as long due to chipping away the coating on top when scuffed by housekeeping brushes.

Latex: The least expensive paint finish for a bathroom and nontoxic. Easy to clean, but the surface is tough to keep looking good, so it will need more layers of paint to get deep colors but is cheaper than oil or enamel. Home experts compare latex paint as similar to acrylics in terms of quality, durability, ease of use, etc. Also, latex paints provide more protection against harsh chemicals like bleach.

Latex also has a long shelf life when stored correctly in a cool, dry place. In addition, some latex paints have additives to make them last longer or give better coverage while still being cost-effective for the average homeowner who may not want to spend the money on higher-end brands that would offer even more excellent quality but are usually reserved for commercial spaces.

Oil: Home experts recommend high-quality oil paint for bathrooms due to the fact that it is long-lasting and has a great range of colors available. The drawback is that it does not provide good coverage over old paint, so you would have to remove all traces of your previous color before putting on new layers, which can be costly since this type of paint doesn’t come cheap.

Oil finish is organic and less toxic fumes than latex paints, more resistant against mildew growths on surfaces due to its natural oil content, and has better hiding properties with deep colors when applied in multiple layers. However, it’s also costlier than latex paint because it requires an additional step of rubbing down the stain before painting begins.

Home experts recommend this type of paint for the bathroom because it is long-lasting, meaning you won’t have to spend time on touchups like acrylics. However, home experts also caution against applying too many coats when working with oils since it can lead to cracking over time.

How to pick the best paint for your bathroom?

Bathrooms are small rooms and often have a moist environment that can cause the paint to peel. Since bathrooms take such a beating (not just from water but also from corrosive cleaning products), it’s best to choose colors with mildew resistance and strong hiding power. Also, a good bathroom paint will have durability, low or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and covering power.

Mold-resistant paint:

A mold-resistant paint will help protect the surface from mold and mildew. Home improvement companies offer paints with built-in antimicrobial protection applied right to the wall or ceiling without priming, sanding, or taping before painting.

—If you’re looking for a high gloss finish:

The bathroom is not an area where polish is necessary for a shiny finish – but in case you have your heart set on it, there are plenty of options! Paint will look different depending on which type of primer (or lack thereof) was used as well as what kind of topcoat was added. You may choose chalkboard paint if you want something fresh and new; semi-gloss latex paints work best when paired with white trim, and high gloss latex paint is a good option for painting cabinets.

—If you’re looking to save money:

A flat finish will be just as beautiful without the cost of additional topcoats, glazes, or varnishes – which can add up! Home improvement companies offer oil-based paints that are affordable and durable. The downside? They take much longer to dry than other options; about 12 hours at the minimum before removing tape marks from windows or furniture (so make sure they’re protected with plastic) and another 24 hours after painting before walking on floors. If this doesn’t suit your timeline, check out an Interior Acrylic Latex Paint in low sheen matte finishes for an accessible alternative.

Things to Consider

  • The bathroom is prone to mold and mildewing, so you may want to consider painting in antimicrobial paint.
  • An important factor in determining what kind of paint you use within your bathroom set is whether it contains any harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde resin which can in rare cases cause death when inhaled or in contact with skin.
  • How much time and money do you want to spend on the project?
  • What kind of look are you going for, modern, vintage, rustic, glamourous?
  • What is your favorite color palette- neutral tones or bold colors? It’s also essential that the colors are easy on your eyes for an extended time so you can avoid headaches or other stressors associated with staring at bright light all day long in this small space.
  • Do you prefer a more textured finish (i.e., brushstrokes) or smooth surfaces with no visible texture?
  • Should it be low luster or high shine paint that will make light reflect off of it when in use?
  • Homeowners will also want to consider their bathroom’s primary use when deciding on a paint finish. For example, some finishes are better for high-traffic areas like the shower. In contrast, others might be more practical in low-traffic locations such as the toilet and sink area.

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