Renovating the Perfect Cape Cod Kitchen

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Renovating the Perfect Cape Cod Kitchen

Classic Cape homes offer plenty of charm. They originated from the early settlers in England after World War II. The Cape Cod homes have a great area that still stands to date, and that is their classic Cape Cod kitchens. While many people look forward to Cape Cod summer homes and enjoy their unique designs, you can be living it in your house. There are a couple of things to put into consideration when you’re looking at Cape Cod kitchen renovation. Read on to know how you can pull the perfect Cape Cod kitchen.

Set a Budget

Having a budget set aside will help you understand the kind of budget you need. You can consult a kitchen renovation company specializing in renovating Cape Cod type of kitchen to help with a rough idea of what to expect. It doesn’t matter if your kitchen is big or small. A budget set aside ensures you stick to it, and you don’t spend too much than you initially planned. It will also help when looking for contractors to hire.

Think of the future

Many homeowners don’t think their needs may come shortly. Before settling for a particular design for your Cape Cod kitchen, what will you need in the next five years? Will you spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing family meals? If you will, then you will have to choose a durable counter that can withstand vigorous activities. Think in the future so that you don’t spend replacing your countertop every two years.

Open Floor Kitchen Plan

If you are looking to modernize your Cape Cod kitchen that was earlier enclosed, then opting for an open floor plan is a great idea. The open floor plan is great for entertaining your guest or family while preparing meals in the kitchen. If you have small children, it can help keep an eye on them without leaving the kitchen. The open floor plan can also come with a U or L-shaped opening to the living space. Open floor plan kitchen can make your tiny Cape Cod kitchen feel more significant than when enclosed.

Adding some More Windows

Do you wish your kitchen had more natural light? Well, it’s time to live the wish by adding more windows to your Cape Cod kitchen. Some contractors streamline your storage and create extra space for windows. You don’t need to put on lights when looking for something on lower cabinets due to less natural light in your kitchen. Natural lights also enhance your kitchen appeal.

Bright Kitchen

Traditional Cape Cod kitchens are all bright white, and white kitchens never go out of trend. It’s a good selling point if you are renovating a Cape Cod kitchen for a fixer-upper. Other great colors that go well with a cape cod-style kitchen are beiges, light yellow, blues, and greens. These bright colors go well with a Cape Cod kitchen because a Cape Cod-style kitchen is all about encouraging and welcoming spaces. You can complement it with the contrasting countertop and dark floor colors.

Cabinet and countertops

Cape Cod Kitchen is traditional. Any cabinet door would go well. To enhance the cabinets while renovating the Cape Cod kitchen, you can mix a few class cabinet doors and open storage. The cabinets are from quality wood, which can be painted or left in its natural form. You can choose any counter to buy marble, and granite seems to complement the style better. You can use the backslash to add a little historical heritage of Cape Cod.

There are things to put into consideration when renovating a Cape Cod kitchen. Before you consult any contractor, it’s good to have a picture of how you want your kitchen to look.

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