How Long Does It Really Take To Remodel Your Bathroom In NYC From Start To Finish?

How Long Does It Really Take To Remodel Your Bathroom In NYC From Start To Finish?

Calculating just how long it takes to remodel a bathroom in NYC from start to finish is much easier said than done. With so many different factors up in the air, it can be difficult to plan properly which can be extremely stressful especially if you’re working to meet a deadline. Luckily, we have a lot of experience and are more than happy to help you work through your dream project. Below, we’ll delve into a couple of simple tips to give you the best bathroom remodel NYC can offer through DCON.

Defining Your Goals

In order to set reasonable expectations, it’s essential that you define your precise goals for remodeling your bathroom. You’ll find that some renovations will depend heavily on your allotted space. Before contacting those with more experience, brainstorm a list of all your tentative renovations.

Your goals are likely to change based on the purpose of your renovations: You’re bound to approach your Brooklyn bathroom remodel very differently than a client’s property upgrade. Regardless, define your goals and brainstorm so you can organize your thoughts in the right direction.

Consider Your Timeline

To give your contractor as much information as possible, figure out your best and worst-case scenario in terms of your remodel deadline. Your best should be when you’d like to have the remodel completed, or what the contractor should strive to achieve. Your worst case, on the other hand, serves as a hard deadline. Any good contractor will work with you on your timeline to get you to as close to your ideal date as possible. However, setting a hard deadline as well will make it easier for a contractor to appropriately plan out their work.

Time Does Equal Money

Time is money, and it comes at a premium. If you’re going to need expedited service from the best bathroom contractors NYC can offer, expect to pay a higher price. Faster work means more intense, vigorous work, so it makes sense that this would be above market price. Conversely, try to give your bathroom remodeling plenty of wiggle room so that you can take in costs gradually over time.

Average Time

While you won’t find specific numbers, some sources point to a period of 4-months being the average remodeling period for NYC bathroom contractors. Use this average to manage your expectations and help you appropriately plan for the future of your space.

Generally speaking, from the planning design phase to the first time you enjoy your new tub or shower, there’s an average of 15-25 construction days on average size bathrooms. Powder rooms usually take 5-10 construction days, depending on the work scope.

Speaking To A Professional

Once your brainstorming is out of the way, be sure to reach out to experienced professionals who can help your dream become a reality. The more specific information you have, the more likely the contractor will be able to get your bathroom done in a timely fashion.

Remodeling Takes Time

While any successful bathroom remodel in NYC takes time, the more proactive planning you do beforehand can greatly reduce your remodeling period. Remember, you can always call us to ask precise questions regarding remodeling timelines. We are happy to help you see your remodeling vision to fruition– Please feel free to reach out to DCON at any time. Enjoy your newly updated abode!

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