DCON Renovations offers the best and most comprehensive plumbing solutions for a multitude of commercial as well as residential establishments; you can forget all your worries as we take charge of all the things that need to be taken care of. Every aspect of our projects are handled and executed by experts- our plumbers and engineers will make sure that your newly renovated home has an energy efficient and cost efficient plumbing set up.

Due to negligence and lack of upkeep of plumbing components, many issues may crop up; these issues, which may seem minor upfront can lead to major expenses in the long run if neglected. Therefore, it is advisable to get your plumbing system checked by experts and heeding the suggested follow-up by taking the necessary steps to repair and replace all problematic components.

We do it all – plumbing design, plumbing installation, heat pumps, boilers, central and in-slab heating, drain laying, drainage water tanks, gas fitting, HVAC systems, as well as hot water installations. You can avail our plumbing services as a part of our bathroom remodeling service to renew your bathrooms inside out.

For every plumbing project, our plumbing experts make a meticulous evaluation of your existing set-up at the outset and suggest the changes required for your project, which could range from minor repair work and replacements to major changes in the plumbing or drainage systems for your home.

We also make sure that all the safety and hygiene requirements are followed and fulfilled to maximum possible extent in all the plumbing and drainage systems of our projects as they can affect your well-being in many ways.

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