Walls are the very first thing that one notices on entering a home. Walls and roofs are made of bricks and concrete but they need to be covered with sheetrock or plaster to protect the surface and to provide a smooth surface for painting. Sheetrock is a plasterboard, which is made of gypsum, covered by sheets of heavy paper on both sides. Plaster is almost similar, with the difference being that it is devoid of paper sheets on the sides.

DCON provides sheetrock and plastering services for both walls and roofs. We always utilize the best-in-class materials in our plastering and sheetrock works to provide the smoothest surface finish, and strive to give you the best value for your money. Our experienced group of painters can easily work out their magic on the interiors of your home, painting surfaces with skilled precision. We use industrial-grade paints for the best possible finish, and offer the following types of paints:

  • Matte Paint – Does not have much shine and is cheaper than others.
  • Matte Enamel Paint – Similar to matte, but the surface can be cleaned easily unlike matte paints.
  • Satin Paint – It is a bit shinier than matte paints, and surface can be cleaned easily.
  • Eggshell Paint – It is very shiny but less smooth than satin paint.
  • Semi-Gloss Paint – Less shiny than gloss paints, but easily cleanable.
  • Gloss Paint – Has the highest shine and requires multiple coats.