Why Summer is the Best Time of Year to Start on a Home Renovation Project

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Why Summer is the Best Time of Year to Start on a Home Renovation Project

Timing is everything when you are preparing for a home renovation project. It doesn’t matter if you are working on a basic bathroom upgrade or you are ready to transform the entire home, our team at DCON Renovations is here to help. We want to assist with every step of the planning and installation process. So, talk to us right away if you are considering a renovation project this year.

Home remodeling can be completed during every season. But, people often find that they prefer summer for several reasons. If you want to upgrade your home, here are a few reasons why you need to get started right now:

Weather Conditions

Warm, summer weather makes it easier for the contractors to work on your home. The crews will be moving in and out, and it can be hard to minimize the mess if it is rainy and muddy. Many home contractors agree that they can work more efficiently when it is nice weather outside.

Additionally, the days are longer during the summer months. So, the workers can stay later in the day, which helps to shorten the duration of the project.

Kids are Out of School

Do you have school-aged children at home? It can be a challenge to maintain the daily school schedule with contractors working in your home. Instead of interrupting the routine, plan a renovation schedule so that the work is completed during summer vacation.

When the contractors are working on your home, it is a great time of year for you to take a family vacation. Why not spend quality time with your kids at the beach instead of dealing with the mess of construction? You will be able to skip some of the hassles of renovation work and build lasting memories with your family at the same time.

If you time the renovations right, then you can have the kids settled back into the routine again before the school year starts.

Have a Kitchen Ready for the Holiday Season

Even though we aren’t even halfway through the year, think about your kitchen goals for the holiday season this year. If you enjoy hosting friends and family members for holiday activities, then you want to make sure that your kitchen isn’t torn up during the months of November and December. Enjoy the heart of your home by creating a kitchen that will be completed for the busiest time of year.

You will love having the kitchen of your dreams when you are cooking Thanksgiving dinner or baking Christmas treats for the neighbors. It is important that you have a functional, comfortable space to work if you will be spending a lot of time in the kitchen. Our team is here to help you design and build the kitchen of your dreams.

Availability of the Contractors

Home renovation contractors know that summer is a popular time for remodeling projects. So, they are prepared to work long and hard during these months. Planning ahead increases the likelihood that you will be able to schedule contractors to work at a time that is convenient for your family.

Not only are the contractors more available during these times of the year, but there are often crew members looking for additional work. For example, college-age students might work summer jobs between semesters, which means that the crew has a few extra sets of hands during the summer months.

Outdoor Conditions for Exterior Work

Are you including a new deck or an add-on to your home? If a foundation or footings will be built, then the weather will play a role in the timing of the projects. For example, decks often require hand digging. So, it is best to wait for the ground to thaw. The dirt is usually softer in the spring and summer months compared to the winter.

Plus, you can complete these outdoor renovations right now so that you can enjoy the comfortable summer and fall nights outside. There is no reason to wait to get started when you can share these benefits with your family this year.

Hiring a Trusted Renovation Team in NYC

If you are considering home renovations in the greater New York City area, then you should talk to the best contractors. Our services are available for homeowners in Brooklyn, Queens, and the surrounding neighborhoods. Call us to schedule a consultation with our experienced team: (718) 628-3428

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