No home renovation is complete without a replacement of old windows with a new set of modern windows for the beautiful space you call home as windows have the power to transform any space. Lend a fresh lease of life to your residential or commercial establishment by doing away with old and outdated window designs and reinstalling modern windows in their place. Choose from the multitude of designs and styles when making your selection.

If you love a little touch of vintage – go for the bay or bow window style, or the double hung window; if you are planning to go minimalistic for your home or office, then large picture windows that span from the roof to the floor are ideal for you. Options are abundant – awning, double-hung, casement, picture, transom, slider, stationary, bay and bow windows along with energy efficient windows being the most popular ones right now; while some of them allow both air and light in, some only allow light in as they do not open, like some types of transom windows and all types of stationary windows.

DCON Renovations, a prominent name in renovations and remodeling for residential and commercial establishments has been delivering extraordinary spaces that truly reflect your taste. Discover which window type will best complement your new home with our experts who will walk you through all the possibilities and options and help you decide as well.

Make every day bright and breezy with the best window design in your newly renovated home as we transform your old dwelling into the beautiful home you always wanted.

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