The Top Home Trends for Spring 2018

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The Top Home Trends for Spring 2018

Spring is the time of year when many people take advantage of a fresh start. As the weather starts to warm up and the flowers peek through in the gardens, it is a good reminder to give your home an upgrade as well.

If you are going to put time and money into new décor and home renovations, then it makes sense to choose the latest trends in the industry. Picking the right décor styles will ensure that your home won’t be outdated any time soon. Here are some of the top home trends for spring this year:

High Contrast Paints and Accents

Gone are the days of painting white trim over white walls. Choose a saturated color to bring life into the room, with a contrasting paint color for the trim and décor. Homeowners are bolder with the colors that are added to the walls, creating a striking style that opens up options for furniture and décor.

Stick with earthy colors, such as a dark tan, light brown, green, or gray. The earth tones are timeless and classic, especially when paired with the accent trims. All of these colors look great with a true-white paint on the frames and trim.

Artisan Finishes

Homeowners don’t want to feel like they are living in a display for a big-box store. Skip the stock materials and look for a home renovation contractor that offers custom solutions. These high-end details go a long way to add a touch of luxury to your home.

Small businesses and local artisans offer unique artwork, fixtures and more. These features ensure that your home stands out from other properties in the neighborhood.

Colorful Kitchens

White on white has been popular for kitchen cabinets and décor. But, homeowners are starting to see the difficult maintenance that is required to keep the white cabinets looking good. This year, people are adding more color to the kitchen.

Colored cabinets and counter tops give the room a personal touch and make it a warmer, inviting space for family and friends. At the same time, you don’t have to worry as much about the fingerprints and cooking-related stains that pop up with regular wear and tear.

Brass Fixtures

Silver has been trendy for so long, but people are gravitating to brass now. Brass tones are beautiful with some of the pastel colors and earthy tones that are being used for home décor. Ditch the brushed silver and choose the warmness of brass instead. This metal looks great on door and cabinet hardware, as well as faucets and light fixtures. If you are going to choose brass, make sure to maintain the consistency throughout your home.

Larger Format Tiles

Even though subway tiles have been common, many homeowners are choosing larger format tiles for renovations. Not only does this design improve the aesthetics of the room, but it also requires less grout. As a result, it is easier for installation and maintenance.

Consider this tile design as the backsplash in the kitchen. It also looks nice in the bathroom to create a low-maintenance room that will look great for many years.

Concrete Accents

Concrete offers a perfect solution for countertops, flooring and more. Even though concrete is a common building material, it doesn’t look like a common feature when combined with other décor elements. Consider using brushed or stamped concrete on the patio or entrance to your home to make a statement when people approach the front door.

Geometric Shapes

Circles, squares, and rectangles provide a foundation to choose various décor elements in each room. Look for ways to add these geometric shapes in with the light fixtures, window coverings, furniture, and more. Start small by adding artwork or accent pillows. Or, make an undeniable statement by using a wallpaper with trendy geometric patterns.

Floral Prints and Decor

Not only are the flowers popping up outside after a long winter, but many people are bringing florals inside as well. Floral prints are trendy for clothing and home décor. Be careful so that you don’t go overboard though, because too much print could cause your home to feel chaotic and cluttered.

Instead of putting up floral wallpaper, consider a solid-color statement wall with a floral print accent on the window shades. Tie in a little more life by using floral fabric for the throw pillows on the couch. Green is coming back into style, especially the darker olive shades, accented by brighter florals. These colors offer a great combination for every home.

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